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The Portrait of a Badger – an exercise in facial expressions

They’re Coming… (Organ Donors that is)

FOOX xxx Oliver Fader Interview at Stussy in SF

Check out the entire post here.

Ever Have an Art Critique? It’s Like Taking Medicine

I came to San Francisco this weekend for a few reasons, but mostly to speak with art director and gallery owner, Justin Giarla of Shooting Gallery, Gallery 3 and White Walls. (We also came for the White Walls curated Stussy party in Haight Ashbury neighbourhood – see my review and photos here).
Basically, he reviewed my [...]

LIONGOD painting (W.I.P.) by FOOX

What is Ironic?

Selling Dubya Dollars on Obama’s Inauguration! SOLD.

Interview with LCOOLSGRATITOOLS *(Get it?)

My buddy Linds, did a sha-ort interview with me a few weeks ago. Here are my answers and her questions:
Linds’ focus is on a book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes. We have spent many evenings talking it up and decidedly coming down in favor of “no arbitrary life” – and “personal empowerment”. This explains [...]


Plex over at Munky King Melrose was kind enough to send me this Thomas Han Pusher DIY due for delivery back on February 27th. I am very appreciative that ‘ol Plex thought of me for this custom vinyl toy.
I gotta started planning colorways and themes. If any of you’s out there have ideas for me [...]

Fan Mail and Outgoing Shipments

Written on a napkin and filled with sweet words, from a fan of my artwork.

I wanted to start placing paintings by the door that are on their way out to different shows, destinations, or collectors. This snapshot, is a picture in history as each of these outgoing paintings and skateboard decks are going to a [...]

Foox Gel Transfer Round 2 – Removal of Paper from Gel Surface