FOOX-U is my message to a world encased in dogma, superstition, and symbolism.

While it is a play on my last name, it is also a clear yet subtle statement of independence and freedom – freedom from the gray people, the gray world, and all that is lacking color and excitement.

While my name seems to have started somewhere in Africa, FOOX-U on the other hand was dreamed up in sleepy ‘ol New Zealand – better known as Aotearoa or The Shire.

Much like the country of the long white cloud, fuzzy fat sheep, and the best milk and cheese in the world, so too does FOOX-U have that dreamy adventurous, and edgy air about it.

It is quite simply my mechanism for packaging up my art up into nice neat products to share with the world. If the internet is a global unifying tool of communication and color, then FOOX-U is my art factory.

FOOX-U is about art, artists, and the process of experimentation, creation, and sometimes a little destruction.
It is the alternative side to my paintings and therefore more refined, but also artwork in its own right. It is FOOX-U!

Like two sides of a Libra’s scales, FOOX-U is the better behaved, less outspoken, well-dressed side of FOOX artwork.

FOOX-U is my best attempt at wearing a suit and tie during the week.