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The Making of a Constellation Pt2

“Bunnies are Literally Everywhere!” ~ Patrick McMullan

Guest of a Guest coverage of the Patrick McMullan x David Foox art show at Sanctuary Hotel on June 28th, 2011.


Expect this and more on June 28, 2011 at Sanctuary Hotel, NYC. The bunny art of Patrick McMullan and David Foox.


THE FOOX SKULL, acrylic/vinyl sculpture, hand painted and work in progress, “I am going to make this thing feel alive in a way it hasnt in centuries”, David Foox, 2011.

S H A R K: an exercise in finding balance and color combinations

Working on a private commission, here is but one example of the angles and color range I may employ in this painting. The overall piece will communicate the desperation of our plight as humans and our connection to Nature. (twitpic)

Happy Birthday David Foox

Stunned by the number of birthday wishes, FOOX created “Easy As 1-2-3″, a good luck credit and fortune magnifier to each person that bid him “Happy Birthday” on that very day! And here are some of the highlights of that magical interface!

Michael Gusek
Christina Gusek

Alicia Mariela Mogliani

Arthur Zomby

David Bruck

Derrick McNeil

Dom Buchanan (UK)

Irma Kuyper (NL)

John [...]

Some footage


David Foox and Zoe Kravitz

The only person rocking out when Nicki Minaj came out was Zoe. For real.

The two Davids. David Foox and David Rockefeller at Christie’s Auction 2011

David Foox and David Rockefeller, Christie’s Auction, Spring 2011, “A Bid to Save the Earth”. Over $1.2 Million Dollars raised to help OCEANA.

FOOX Rabbits at Soho Beach House (Soho House)

A recent memory of my time spent in Miami. Here are “The Heroes” (Rabbits) as set out on the bed in a room in Soho Beach House (Soho House). As you can see here there were at least 4 complete sets displayed. These were still work in progress at this stage and most likely pre-signature [...]